Do You Understand Music, Songs and Vocals Clearly with APD?

Noooo, I do not.

As mentioned in the list of signs of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), it's hard to find appreciation in song vocals. 

To date, I don't think I have ever understood one song from beginning to end in real time. I need to look up the lyrics or I am lost.

I have three problems with song vocals:

1 – I simply cannot understand or distinguish some of the words correctly. Once I fall behind trying to process words I didn't hear clearly, that's it, I cannot catch up and the song loses all meaning.

2 – I take the words in the song too literally and do not understand fast enough that the artist may be using an alternate way of expressing a thought. For instance, the artist may be using idioms, idiomatic expressions or the latest "street lingo" that makes no literal sense. I'm supposed to imply meaning easily like everyone else, but I do not.

3 – I may understand all the words in a particular verse, but I cannot process the meaning of the verse fast enough (the artist has already moved on to the next verse). In other words, it first takes me time to understand all the words correctly in the verse, then I have to understand the meaning of the verse, plus I have to keep up with the next verse. I cannot do all three things fast enough.

With Auditory Processing Disorder, listening to song vocals is extremely frustrating. APD makes appreciating music in real-time, like everyone else, futile. So much effort has to go into understanding each song, from looking up the lyrics to taking the time to grasp the meaning of each verse (which sometimes I have to look up as well), it takes the joy out of it. By the time I get to the finish line, I'm mentally tired.

I do, however, appreciate greatly, instrumental music!

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