APD, SAT's and The College Board (Extended Time)

Roy writes...

Hey Jeff... Just searching the web about APD and taking the SAT as my daughter is at that age. She was diagnosed in elementary school and went through testing and had a IEP in place etc. Although since elementary school she has been attending a private school without public school ieps etc. We recently applied to the college board for extended time due to APD and was denied and they request more current testing. It seems that APD is a condition that does not go away so we are frustrated she may have to do testing again and go through that in order to get her extended time. Frustrating. Any advice ?


Hi Roy.

After being diagnosed with APD in elementary school too, I had an IEP in 3-5th grades as well as auditory training after school. I remember having to be retested again in high school in order to be granted extra time on the SAT's. I have to say it was worth it. I did very well and it helped me get into the college of my choice (University of Rochester). :)

With the college board, nowadays they want to make sure you are not gaming the system so to speak. There are still no standards with APD and it is still not as widely understood as it should be by now. So I'm sure they want recent testing for that reason too.

I'm sorry to say that APD does not go away. There are a number of snake oil salesman popping up, but there is no miracle cure. I'm 42 and it's still there. I understand APD fully now that I'm older, so as frustrating as it is, it doesn't stand in my way. I'm open about it too when I meet someone and occasionally lose track of what they are saying.

The one piece of advice I can give is to do the testing for your daughter's sake. It can provide you with the specific areas that she needs more auditory training in. Even if she doesn't get any more training now, at some point in her future, she may want (or need) it. With those test results, she can hand it to an auditory professional and they will know how to help her.

You are welcome to stay in touch as well as have your daughter contact me down the road if she has any questions.

Take care.


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