I Have APD.

Enter Our Challenging Realm Of Auditory Processing Disorder.

My story is simple: I got diagnosed with APD back in 1980 when I was just 8 years old (3rd grade). For much of my life, it held me back. Now, with all that I've learned and experienced living with APD, I'm determined to help you. I've moved forward and so can you. Obstacles are meant to be overcome. The time to do so is now! read more...

Reason For Being: To give YOU the ideas, tools, suggestions, and strategies necessary to stop struggling and start living. I look forward to sharing my personal stories and helping other adults and kids with APD get some answers from someone with APD.

Please pardon my dust.

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Chiara answers questions pertaining to Auditory Processing Disorder.

Signs of auditory processing disorder (APD) can easily sneak by in preschool. They may become more noticeable in elementary school. This is when students have to follow more instructions and recognize slight differences in how words sound. Here are some signs of APD in grade-schoolers.