About Me

I got diagnosed with APD back in 1980 when I was just 8 years old (3rd grade).

It took my mother raising holy hell with the school, the school board, the district, and everyone else obstructing her path - to get me a proper diagnosis.

Dare I say nobody cared?

It sure felt like it.

But my mother won out!

And, she was right.

After my diagnosis with APD, I was trained by a doctor on how to improve upon and overcome my auditory deficiencies.

It took a few years, but it was thorough and comprehensive training.

Made a huge difference.

However, for much of my life, I still didn't really understand what having APD meant. Written in one of the doctor's notes was "He is quite aware of his difficulties but most likely has a limited conceptual understanding of them."

No sh*t.

As highly intelligent as the doctors said I was, there was still something wrong that I could not wrap my head around.

In my mid-30's though, I finally woke up. I had help from my best friend (also the girl I married) who insisted upon knowing more about APD.

As I explained it repeatedly to her by sharing details and real-life examples, only then did it all finally start making sense to me.

Looking back, it explained A LOT!!!

It was an eye-opening discovery as to what was really holding me back in life.

Better to discover late than never, I suppose.

And while I cannot go back in time and change things, I am wide awake and determined to help you.

I've moved forward and so can you.

Obstacles are meant to be overcome. But first, you must understand the obstacle in your way.

My life choices and experiences may help you in your life with APD or with someone you know (a child) who has it.

The single most important thing I hope you learn is that you can have auditory processing disorder and still be very happy and successful in life. Yay!

APD doesn't ever go away, but it also doesn't matter if you don't let it bother you.

Pursue your strengths while working on your weaknesses. It will take extra effort, but NEVER give up. Ever.

Through this all, I found my reason for being...

To help you beat APD, feel super confident, and live authentically.

Start now.

Jeff Cohen ~ Founder

PS: Email and texting were the two greatest inventions for people with APD, because the telephone (auditory skills) is a major nemesis. I also started an internet business in 1997. Go figure, an online, non-verbal business!

Update: Started an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based business in 2023.