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Stress, Anxiety & Anger. It's Not ADD. Can It Be APD?

Hello -- My sons are 11 and 13. My older has always struggled in school and now my younger is showing signs of great stress and anxiety in middle school. My older son was taking an Executive Function class taught by a prominent psychologist about 18 months ago. She noticed his great difficulty following along and suggested to me he may have APD. He had recently been given an IEP at school for ADD, not because he tested for ADD but because the school didn't know what else to call his difficulties. I told her this and she thought his distraction looked more like APD because he was following, just not understanding what was being said. I actually have a family history of dyslexia and speech and

APD Video Series - LearnFast Eduction

Clinical Director, Devon Barnes, explains auditory processing disorder in this video series. VIDEOS!!

APD and Playing A Musical Instrument

Hi Jeff, My son has been diagnosed with APD and at his school it's compulsory to learn the violin. He is only just passing the subject and doesn't find enjoyment in it at all. I was wondering if you have ever played and instrument and whether you struggled with it. Do you think learning an instrument is either beneficial or detrimental to his schooling? (I'm concerned that his struggles effect his self esteem and I'm also worried that forcing him to practice is taking time away from other activities he could be doing that are more beneficial to him). Thanks so much for taking the time to read my email. Regards, Alana   Hi Alana! Good questions. I never learned to play an instru

Speech Issues and Explanations: Do I Have APD?

Hi, I'm wondering if I have APD. I'm 19 and I'm a French major. When I was younger I always wondered if I had a disorder; I could never get people to understand what I meant when explaining something aloud. I can also read French pretty good. But I can't speak a word of it. I don't want to fail any of my French classes and not get my degree. I also have a twin sister who might have it. I can tell hers is a little different than mine, but i don't know how. How do we go about seeing if we have APD? Thanks! - Alyssa      Hi Alyssa. Thank you for contacting me. I'm not certain that what you describe sounds like APD. However, everyone is different and there are also still a lot of unknown

I Have Found It Hard To Process Words Lately. Could It Be APD?

Hi Jeff, I am not sure but I think I may have APD. I have had a hearing test by an audiologist and my hearing is perfect but she suggested I may have a few problems with processing as I told her sometimes I have trouble processing words. It's quite ironic because I'm an audio medical typist and lately I have found it hard to process words so I would have to slow the speed down on a dictation to work out a word. Want I would really like to know is if this is the reason why I struggled to learn a foreign language. My parents are Italian but spoke English to me all my life but I struggled a lot to learn Italian at school while my sister and cousins all seemed to manage well. Do you think this i

Daughter May Have APD - Who & Where To Get Diagnosis?

Hi Jeff My daughter Anne is 17 and will be a senior next year. She was diagnosed with ADD in middle school but I've always wondered if she has more of a processing issue. Processing information even has an effect her soccer because she has a hard time processing what the coach is telling her, especially when she is out on the field. Until reading about your story, I had never heard of APD. Anne has been denied extra test time for the SAT twice. I would like to have Anne tested for APD to see if this is an issue for her. What type of testing do I look for and what type of doctor can give me an accurate diagnosis? Thanks Becky      Hi Becky. Thanks for writing me! You are not alone

Nephew / Student Has APD - Help With Phonics, Blending, Phonetics

Allison writes... Hi, Thank you for this great site. I appreciate the comprehensive information and the humor with which you approach a very serious and far-reaching issue in your life. I would appreciate any information you had on a case near to me. My nephew is 11 and was diagnosed with APD in second grade. During the battery of tests he was given, his intelligence is "superior" and luckily he has a photographic memory. He learned to read early -- before kindergarten by sight--and was therefore moved to the head of the class. His issue was missed because he could read multi-syllable words whereas the other kids couldn't read "cat". Years later my sister suspected something was amiss when

Getting Past APD - Job Interviewing, Social Skills & Self-Esteem

Ellen writes... Hi Jeff, I came across your page looking for advice and help in regards to my son. I am looking for help for him. First I just wanted to tell you that he is wonderful young man. However, I am so worried about him and his future. He is entering is senior year in college next month. Although he struggle in the early grades at school he has done well with a grade point average of 3.4. He is lacking in social skills and interviewing skills. He has poor listening skills following more 1 or 2 instructions and he gets lost. He is having such a hard time getting an internship for media graphics. He has been called for many interviews but never gets the internships. I am having him r

APD, SAT's and The College Board (Extended Time)

Roy writes... Hey Jeff... Just searching the web about APD and taking the SAT as my daughter is at that age. She was diagnosed in elementary school and went through testing and had a IEP in place etc. Although since elementary school she has been attending a private school without public school ieps etc. We recently applied to the college board for extended time due to APD and was denied and they request more current testing. It seems that APD is a condition that does not go away so we are frustrated she may have to do testing again and go through that inorder to get her extended time. Frustrating. Any advice ?     Hi Roy. After being diagnosed with APD in elementary school too, I had

APD Symptoms: Racing Thoughts, Pressure of Speech and Flight of Ideas?

Thomas writes… "I was diagnosed with APD around 8 years old. I've done exceptionally well in school though. I guess my question is, I've read Wikipedia articles about "Racing Thoughts", "Pressure of speech", and "Flight of Ideas" and they were linked to APD. Two out of the three is linked also with mania or hypomania. Are there any links, as I often had thoughts go through my head like Daytona 500."     Hi Thomas! Yes, I have experienced all three. Yes, I am aware of their possible association to Auditory Processing Disorder. First, let's define all three for everyone and then I will give more detail on my experience with all three. Wikipedia definitions: Pressure of speech is a t

With Auditory Processing Disorder, what were your best and worst subjects in school? Your grades?

Best Subjects: Math & Science. Why? The numbers, formulas, equations, properties of elements, etc. were right in front of me to SEE and work with. Worst Subjects: English (specifically poetry & interpretive readings) and Foreign Languages (once it got past word memorization and moved to speaking & responding). In addition to not understanding what was said, I interpreted words too literally sometimes to understand it in context (words with multiple meanings messed me up). Idiomatic expressions drove me nuts too (an expression whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of the words that make it up). An example from high school: when a teacher read a poem or paragraph

With Auditory Processing Disorder, how were you as a child? Did you know you had APD?

I was very shy and reserved to say the least! I didn't let go of my parents, literally. You had to pry me off them at about 5-6 years old. Social situations were, at times, immensely stressful growing up.  In social situations with friends I was fine, once I got comfortable. However, getting me comfortable took time and repetition. In the classroom I was mortified to be asked a question (in fear of not understanding the question, giving an answer to a question that wasn't asked, or giving the wrong answer).  I wouldn't try out for sports or other activities out of fear of not understanding the coach's instructions and being embarrassed. I did not respond to questions, even those I knew t
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